We found the #AssHole that got the IG pulled down

Written By Burtt Snorkeler - July 10 2020


Ryan Peithman
July 17 2020

I like to figure things out online. No need for harm or cancel him but, I just think of a nerd or a girl who got pissed of a picture. It’s likely a dude do to the batman picture and his name in farsi as hope named in a video game of thew walking dead.

I want your IG back and with finding who this is maybe after his unsilencing you can move him to tell IG to lift the ban….

Might be the only way when both of them breakup because to do this is being highly insecure.

Ryan Peithman
July 17 2020

I have been a huge supporter from the start! Living the snorkel life in Aus…. I can tell you based on this fake account that it is likely someone you knew and maybe fired at one point. I hope you find the real person.

#buttafriend my friends

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