3D Bubble Butt Koozie - BEERS & REARS!

This is more than just a sleeve to go around your beer... this is a piece of art. 

We give you THE WORLD'S FIRST 3D BUBBLE BUTT KOOZIE! (Yep, we googled it). We are making fuckin history over here at Butt Snorkeler. 

Not for the 'penny pincher' or 'cheap ass'. This koozie is made for the upper echelon beverage consumer. 

Trust us, throw one of these on your next ice cold beverage and you will be the talk of the local backyard BBQ, boat float, sandbar bash, pool party, beach bonfire, etc. 

Construction: Elite 3MM Thick Neoprene (Neoprene Wet- Suit Material). 

Art by Agustin Sulser III
Instagram: @as3art

Shut up and get in the limo