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Kelly's Rump Roaster BBQ Bib

A good buddy of ours Kelly passed away last month and left a huge hole in our hearts. He was always the life of the party... Always a huge supporter of the brand... And basically the unofficial "face of the brand". Kelly started a funny FB channel called Kelly's Kitchen where he would basically get hammered while cooking breakfast and talk a bunch of crazy shit. It's amazing. Check it out. Even though he isn't with us any more, he will alway be in our thoughts, hearts, and on our plates. This one is for you Kelly. Miss you buddy!

Here's a link to a couple gems:

Kelly's Dream Boat

New Years 2018

The Flood

*** Washing instructions *** If you are one of those weird dudes that really wants to wash your apron, we recommend hand washing it. The abuse of the washer and dryer could fuck with the print. *** Treat it like your balls. Hand wash... scrub lightly... and treat the dam thing with a little respect :)

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